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There are many sewing machines on the market for just about any type of sewing need from buttonholes to hems, seams, quilts, blankets and any other alteration or repair you can think of for fabric.  Have you ever had the need for a long arm sewing machine?  If you have never heard of a long arm sewing machine you are in good company.  When I was asked to provide review for a wide range of sewing products this one was in the batch.  After some interesting research, here is what I have found. Long Arm sewing machines were invented over twenty years ago by a company called Nolting who is known for their quality quilting sewing machines.

It has been traditionally difficult for quilters to make quilts of any size with a regular quilting sewing machine.  The depth from the inside of the machine to the needle on normal machines make it difficult to handle large quilts (queen, king, etc.) and make sure the seams are straight and have no sloppy stitches.  This is where the long arm quilting machine comes in.  Twenty one years ago Nolting introduced the first hand fed long arm sewing machine for quilters.

long arm sewing machine

Nolting machines are for the professional or commercial quilter or for the home quilting expert who enjoys making larger quilts.  Where you can by a very good regular arm sewing machine for quilting for under one thousand dollars ($1000) the Nolting machine packages start at over seventy four hundred dollars ($7400).  These long arm sewing machines have reaches between seventeen and thirty inches.  The Nolting packages include the appropriate machine, twelve foot table, five patterns, bobbin winder, needles, cable chain and clamps.  They have lesser packages for the less commercial quilters called Fun Quilter and Quilting Bee starting at forty two hundred dollars ($4200).  Financing is available on all packages and they have used machines for sale as well and financing for them.

You can really go hog wild with accessories for these durable machines and just about double your investment in your long arm sewing machine.  They have a Needle Positioner System with lasers with programmable stitch speed for a thousand dollars ($995) and the Stitch Regulator with all the Needle Positioner System and the added bonuses of a motion detector on the continuous speed control, the ability to set between one and twelve stitches per inch and a precision quilting mode for extra detailed stitching on your quilt pieces.  This is a mere twenty six hundred dollars ($2595) more.

Long arm quilting machine is almost the same concept as Long Arm Sewing Machine just the ones named quilting machines are generally more expensive and are designed to be much larger -specially used for commercial purposes. We have several versions of long arm quilting machines for sale as well, You can browse our selection on the right hand side of this website.

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